Dr. Blessing Iveren Agada is a trained Soil and Water Management specialist with a decade of successful teaching, research and training.

A tenured faculty with the Department of Soil Science Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Nigeria. She received her B.A from Usmanu Dan Fodio University Sokoto, M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi all in Nigeria.

In 2018, Her quest to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers earned her an award, as a one-year visiting scholar to Michigan State University USA under the USAID led Feed the Future Nigerian Agricultural Policy Project. She recently also won a spot on the  Alliance for Africa Partnership project termed ARISEE (Africa Resilience through Innovation in Soils, Ecology Extension).

As a Scholar and Faculty,  Blessing trains Students, Ministry staff, Farmers and extension workers on the latest soil science technologies, statistical analysis to provide evidence-based research all geared towards increasing agricultural productivity.

Blessing has worked with both locals and internationals on World Bank, USAID and IFPRI projects within the country and she has a number of learned articles in both local and International Journals. She is a people person loves to network and attend conferences. She also loves adventures!!

A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace. A “wise soil use advocate”,  wife and mother of four lovely girls. When not actively working, Blessing enjoys playing with her kids, road-trips, storytelling, and singing.