Bancorp Consulting Limited (BCL) provides training and capacity building in public

financial management (PFM) with a view to strengthening technical expertise and

leadership across the different tiers of government to meet the challenges of national


We strongly believe that training and capacity building help strengthen individuals

and institutions to perform better and more efficiently and effectively if it is consistently

done over time

Hence we assist our clients to improve their capabilities and knowledge base through

equipping them with relevant skills that enable them professionally handle PFM

matters including planning, budgeting, procurement, revenue and debt

management, accounting and financial reporting, internal control and audit as well

as external audit and legislative oversight

Summary of Training & Capacity Building

Accounting & Financial Management

  • International Public Sector Accounting Standards
  • Fundamental of Public Financial Management
  • Elements of Public Financial Management
  • Integrated Financial Management Information Systems
  • Finance for Non-Finance Public sector Managers

Budgeting and Budgetary Control

  • Fundamentals of National Charts of Accounts (NCOA)
  • Revenue and Expenditure Management
  • Cash and Debt Management Strategies

Public Procurement Management

  • Understanding Public Procurement
  • Elements of Public Procurement Management

Auditing and Assurance

  • Internal Control Systems
  • Auditing and Investigation

Financial Modeling

  • Model Auditing & Best Practice
  • Project a Real Company's Forecast from Scratch
  • Budgeting & Investment Appraisal