Our Services

Special Audits

We are registered at the Office of the Auditor General for the Federation for the provision of special audits and advisory services. The areas covered by us are the following:

§  Tax Audit

§  Compliance Audit

§  Value for Money Audit

§  Forensic Audit

§  Cost Verification Audit

§  Business Process Audit


Training and Capacity Building

Bancorp Consulting Limited is accredited by the Centre for Management Development as a Management Training Institution. Accordingly, we design and customize practical and interactive training and capacity building to meet your unique and specific needs. The knowledge areas covered by us are the following:

§  Financial Management

§  Investment Management

§  Public Private Partnership

§  Risk Management and   Governance

§  Internal Control and Compliance

§  Human Resources Management

§  Strategic Management

§  Business Analytics

§  Taxation


Project Management

We help our clients in the planning, organizing, and controlling of their resources to guarantee delivery of projects within cost and time budgets as well as ensuring optimal profitability and quality. In addition, we help our clients appropriately understand and define their risks, order their priorities, and implement management systems and procedures with a view to obtaining optimal project management and implementation outcomes. We deploy the latest and modern innovations and technological tools that allow our clients to make an agile and proactive decision making, anticipating the problems that may arise during the life cycle of their projects.

Assets Valuation and Property Advisory

Our Company provide assets valuation and property advisory services.  We undertake valuation of all kinds of properties, including land and buildings, plant and machinery, fittings and fixtures, motor vehicles and all other floating assets for various purposes including taxation, insurance, security for loans and preparation of financial statements among others. Our property advisory services include due-diligence audits for property acquisitions and professional advice on other property-related matters.



We provide specialised research that transforms the lives of people. Through our creative research, we help our clients have informed insights into the things they do by providing them with the necessary information that enables them make appropriate business decisions. The areas in which we focus our research support to clients include the following:

§  Agribusiness

§  Oil and Gas

§  Solid Minerals

§  Electric Energy

§  Pension and Gratuity

§  Marketing and Sales

§  Corporate Restructuring

§  Database Management

§  Supply Chain Management

§  Advertising and Public Relations



We help our clients drive more value by helping them to become more efficient and effective in every area of their operations. We do this by positioning them to manage the unforeseen changes arising from recent societal, industry and technology disruptions that have materially affected business process functions.

Bancorp Consulting Limited helps clients to optimize and transform their business processes and hence work smarter, scale faster, be more productive and eradicate avoidable costs across the value chain thus achieving resiliency, agility, competitive advantage, and better business outcomes. Our service areas include the following:

§  Accounting

§  Finance

§  Supply Chain Management

§  Procurement Management

§  Human Resources Management

§  Marketing and Sales

§  Customer Operations 


Human Resource Consulting

The success of an organization is dependent on its Human Resource team and its processes. The HRC Team consistently provides best in-class HR solutions that solve peculiar HR challenges of our clients. We serve as the crucial link between the people strategy and business strategy of any organisation. To us, every client is considered unique, hence we intensely examine every minuscule detail of their human resource needs so as to develop prime solutions that can propel them ahead of their competitors and keep them on the cutting edge of their business. Our Human Resource Consulting services cover the following areas:

Talent Management

We provide end to end solutions to the human resource needs of any organisation. This involves talent acquisition where we help you source the best and most suitable candidates to fill your vacant positions; induction and on-boarding (for the newly employed staff of our clients); succession planning (to plan for the next generation of employees especially those in strategic positions in the organisation); workforce planning and exit management (to effectively ease out outgoing employees from the organisation).


Learning and Development

Our Learning and Development programmes are all tailored towards developing the skills of our clients’ employees and these include conducting Training Needs/Skills Gap Analysis; Training Delivery in both technical and soft skills which are all customised to suit our clients’ skills’ needs.


Payroll Compensation and Benefits

Our HRC team can take the stress off you so that your Human Resource team does not have to get distracted with computing figure and rather spend the time on more strategic decisions in managing the people for optimum productivity. We would help you with:

§ Basic Pay Calculations

§ Remittance of Statutory Deductions

§ Generation of payslips


Organisational Change

Aligning your human resource strategy to your business strategy would help to optimise your organisation’s profitability. The HRC Team at AOC assists organisations to develop, design and implement processes and strategies that would help to align your strategies with your goals and drive growth in your business. Our organisational change includes:

§  HR Process Audits

§  Performance Management

§  HR/Manpower Audit

§  Formulation, Design and Production and Review of HR Policies, Processes and Manuals.

§  Client/Employee Satisfaction Surveys


Organisation of Retreats

Our Retreat Package at BCL will offer our clients a totally unique experience, providing participants with a wonderful opportunity for a combination of in-depth learning experience, discussions and brainstorming all within a serene environment and facilitated by very experienced professionals. We organise and facilitate:

§  Board Retreats

§  Management Retreats

§  Staff Retreats and Team Bonding Programmes


Legal and Compliance

Our Compliance Department is a leading regulatory consultancy unit that provides top notch legal advisory services to organisations in both the public and private sectors. Our team of seasoned professionals has the regulatory expertise and the ability to communicate effectively with the regulatory bodies to achieve the best outcome for our clients wherever this is required. We have a team of experienced lawyers who adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our team of experts is constantly scanning the horizon for new regulations and potential changes in regulations that may affect the various business sectors in the economy.


Corporate Governance Review

The National Code of Corporate Governance, Security and Exchange Commission Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies and sector specific codes have mandated that there be an annual performance appraisal of the Boards of Companies as a formal method of facilitating organisational growth and development in line with international best practices.

In carrying out our assessment, our team of experts uses an approach that is tailored towards ensuring investors’ confidence, corporate success, economic growth and effective communication in every organisation which will guarantee maximum results and add value to the Directors and the organisation as a whole.


Company Secretarial Services

We offer an extensive and effective range of Company Secretarial Services that are aimed at ensuring that companies are run legally and ethically. Our global outlook and deep understanding of the legal framework for corporate organisations allows us to effectively support the board and incorporate guidance to ensure that all board activities are in line with international best practices and regulatory standards. Our services include but not limited to; scheduling meetings, taking minutes and record keeping, maintaining the register of Directors and Shareholders, and statutory filings.

Compliance Monitoring and Assessment

Regulatory Compliance is beyond knowing and understanding the legislation and the regulatory framework that applies to a business. It involves being able to demonstrate that the business and its entities adhere to these regulations and are complying at all times. That means keeping records of checks, having policies and procedures around the legislation, having specific people take responsibility for compliance, and retaining evidence that a compliance check/ audit is conducted from time-to-time to close gaps and avoid risks. Our role involves working together with you to measure compliance, ensure your operations work like clockwork, and your organisation is legally able to operate in every jurisdiction and within the legal framework of your industry.


Special Assignments

To ensure that your organisation gets the very best, we see ourselves as an extension of your resources, supporting and complementing you by undertaking special assignments whenever the need arises. These assignments are tailored to meet specific needs of organisations. Our services include, but not limited to the following;

§ Conducting Legal due diligence by focusing on key documentation of the target entity, contractual relations, management contracts, pending litigations and the impact these litigations may have on the profitability of the acquirer’s investment.

§  Forensic Audit by appraising financial losses resulting from fraud and prejudicial acts,

§  Disability in line with the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act

§  Preparation of expert opinions and second opinions

§  Fraud investigations, including review of internal controls.

§  Immigration

§  Registration with Regulatory Agencies.